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The lip balm feels like lotion for your lips. It’s not heavy and doesn’t sit on top of your lips. It doesn’t leave your lips wet, it leaves them soft and moist.
Tammy, TX
I love your lotion bars and lip balm.
Justin, TX
Your scrubs feel and smell very nice.
Janeth, TX
Used the Mint foot scrub this morning... LOVED it... left my feet very soft! Love the mint scent too!!
Kim, MN



I am the Stephanie in SimplyStephanie.  I love creating beauty, whether it’s through my jewelry, fabric painting or through using any of the soaks, scrubs, lotions or lip balms that I make.

I am a 2 time cancer survivor and that’s where I began making stuff.  It started with my own wedding.  My husband asked me to marry him about 10 days after all my hair was gone.  I couldn’t even look at my own reflection but he said with or without hair he thought I was beautiful.  Planning our wedding helped to occupy my thoughts on days when I felt like giving up. 

From jewelry, I started doing some woodwork, then moved to embroidery and glass etching.  After being in remission for 12 years I relapsed.  It was with that relapse and chemo that I noticed the biggest change in my skin.  It’s dryer, when scratched it bleeds easier, etc.  So, I started doing some research on all the DIY stuff for skin and that led me into making foot scrubs and soaks initially.  I knew there had to be more that I could do.  Because of the cancer and a couple of other health issues I don’t like all the chemicals that are in most every product today and it was for this reason that I set out to make some of my own and to also share it at a reasonable cost.

I still make jewelry, but now my focus is on my scrubs, soaks, lip balms and lotions. I also like to embroider towels to go along with my products or do a nice glass etched mirror to sit your stuff on.

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